Yoga in schools isn't just for kids! Teachers benefit, too!

Teachers and students work under enormous pressure to perform on standardized achievement tests, whose outcomes can affect children’s futures and teachers’ evaluations, job security, and compensation. Yoga is one path in creating a classroom where teachers and students can relax in the face of stress, and love themselves, each other, and their work a little more. 

The benefits of yoga serve kids and teachers alike and can improve overall classroom climate through improvements in strength, flexibility, balance, equanimity, calmness, and relaxation. While these sound like physical qualities, these are also mental and emotional qualities as well.

Through the internal focus of yoga, teachers can build awareness of their energy and how it’s affected by times of the day, meals, interactions, interruptions, and both everyday and unusual stressors. From that internal awareness, they develop the ability to acknowledge and influence the energy of others. They learn how to use conscious breath and movement to adjust the energy level in the room, from settling the frenetic energy that students bring in from the playground to energizing a group in a mid-afternoon slump.

Our classrooms need the pleasure-giving, community-building, and life-enhancing tools of yoga.  When teachers thrive, so do their students.

Teachers are busy! If you would like to make yoga available to your teachers or if you are a teacher who would like to see yoga classes offered at your school, please contact Kimberly at


  • Convenient--We come to you! Before and after school classes available.
  • 50 minutes of movement, stretching, and relaxation techniques that can be integrated in the classroom.
  • Donation based.

Yoga Mountain Shadows is offering FREE Teacher Yogappreciation classes every 3rd Thursday of the month!

  • 6 PM Intro to Yoga
  • 7:45 PM Candlelight Yoga